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I took out a 300.00 loan from these jokers in March 2011,I was paying them 150 a month,never missed a payment.I had some financial issues in May,and the loan was supposed to be well paid off,I wasn't worried that the funds wouldn't be available.These folks have been harrasing me constantly,saying that they will serve me with papers @my job.When I called them to ask them why I still owe money,the man proceeded to tell me that I still owe 585!!!!I was livid,you mean to tell me that I've been paying ya'll 150 a mo for 4 mo now and I still owe you WHAT?He said,well a lot of customers don't read the fine print,uh,yeahI guess that happens a lot.He told me since I'm such a valuable customer,I can settle for the dang amount I got loaned...300.00??You tell me that this is a scam.I told him to shove it,and they won't be getting any more money from me,they are still harrasing me eveyday.Any advice?

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Sorry to hear about your experience. That sucks.

Your story just confirms my thought that those places are close to scams.

Also, never get a cash loan on a car. Just words of advice.

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