I was in pretty dire straits and got a 14 day loan for $1000 at a cost of $350. I had calculated the

whole thing out and knew I could pay it all off when it was due in 2 weeks. When Friday payday came they only took out the $350 although I had the entire $1350 in funds available. I called right away.

Woman told me I had to arrange payoff ACH transaction 3 days in advance. She told me the loan was

then going to regenerate itself for another $350 finance fee. I went into serious panic mode. This is

where heart attacks come from and then she told me to call back Monday to arrange payment and she would waive the second finance charge. I asked her why I couldn't do it right then since I had her on

the line and she said the ACH transaction for the finance charge had not finalized. I figured this was the scam going into motion. By Saturday the ACH transaction was posted as completed on my account.

I didn't wait for Monday. I called Saturday. Had to wait 15 minutes for a CSR but I got another woman

who was very polite. I explained what happened on Friday. She said she would initiate a payoff debit

on Monday and not charge me the second $350 and I would be paid off and get a confirmation email.

It was a long wait from Sat to Monday but everything went down and my loan is paid off and I have the

email to prove it. Maybe I got lucky, I don't know but I got my wake up call. If you do this type of

transaction and get caught napping, it's big bucks to the point of ruination.

I still can't believe I got out of it after reading (after the fact) the complaints on this site.

Thank you God. As a precautionary move, I closed my checking account right after the payoff amount

was deducted.

If I ever need money that badly again I'll stick up a bank, liquor store or some old lady...

Montel Williams should be crucified.

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