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I have recently been unemployed for the past month. I owe a ballance of 140.00 on my loan that i took out over a year ago.

I own a truck that is worth more than 15,000.00. After many calls from the loan office stating that they wanted to workout a deal with me since i only owed an additional 140.00, the only deal they made was to pay or they would get my truck. Well lo and behold they just took it from me even after my plea to wait only 3 more days until i start my new job so i could pay it off. So now instead of starting the new job on monday so i can pay the loan off they are going to sell it for over 1000 percent of the loan payment i received.

I beg and plead to anybody that is in a tight spot to never resort to such a company. It will be great when you recieve your check. But the long term outcomes and ill mannered workers you will have to deal with in the future are far from being worth it.

PLEASE heed my word and never got to this company to try to make your life have a break from all the short comings you have had. Instead all they will do is give you money very happily with a smile, and then take it all away with an even bigger grin.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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